Leigonella Risk Assessments


Do I need a legionella risk assessment? 

Your legal obligations

In the UK, If you are an employer, or someone in control of a premises, including landlords, you have legal responsibilities & duties under the Health & Safety at Work act 1974 in the control of legionella bacteria.  A part of your obligations are to identify, monitor and control the risks of legionella exposure with defined documentation for every site.  A full legionella risk assessment is the starting point of your compliance.  

Links to regulations and guidelines that cover Legionella Risk Assessments include:-

What does a legionella risk assessment involve? 

The legionella Risk Assessment will be carried out by one of our experienced risk assessors and comprises of a comprehensive site survey of all areas of the building.  The assessment will identify any potential risks associated with Legionella within the water systems, including :-

  • Comprehensive inspection of all internal & external areas including pipework and plant equipment
  • Measurement of water temperatures across the site
  • Build an asset register including locations
  • Examine existing control schemes
  • Provide a written assessment outlining any potential risks including images 

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Legionella Risk Assessment & Testing

AQUA LTD provides a full national UK coverage legionella control services, water hygiene & legionella risk assessment service, bacteriological & chemistry testing to help ensure that our clients are compliant with UK regulations ACoP L8, HSG274 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as COSHH.